I don't care if you have a crazy expensive camera or a hand-me-down smart phone - you have everything you need to create pictures you're proud of & tell your family's story.

My heart in this course is to serve YOU and share how photography can transform the way you see your everyday.


My heart is for you to have images of your everyday that you take yourself, with whatever camera you have available to you, whether it’s an old iPhone or an expensive DSLR camera.

Portraits of Us is a comprehensive course that will walk you through every step of how to take pictures and equip you to take beautiful photos.



This is the smartphone only version of the Portraits of Us course. It includes all of the essential smartphone lessons from the full course - but excludes the DSLR lessons and extra bonus material. This course is for the mom who only uses her smartphone and wants just the basics for taking and editing smartphone photos.

Just like the full course, it is designed specifically for busy moms. Many of the lessons can be listened to on the go and all of the lessons can be viewed and accessed across multiple devices.


What I'm all about

Taking beautiful, quality images is possible even if you don’t have an expensive camera. You may be using a smartphone or an entry level DSLR, but you don’t have to settle for less than great photos.

I hope I can help you take better pictures, but most importantly, I hope I can help you see how incredible and blessed your everyday motherhood journey is.

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