Jessie Martin Mobile Presets (1)

Lightroom Mobile Presets

Custom Made Lightroom Mobile Presets:

  • Preset 01 - Light + Bright
  • Preset 02 - Dark + Moody
  • Installation PDF
  • Video Tutorial

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Custom made Lightroom mobile presets from Jessie Martin.

These presets are the mobile version of my personal edit. They can be used on the FREE Lightroom Mobile CC app.


There are two presets included, a Light + Bright preset and a Dark + Moody preset.

Both presets are meant to enhance your images and keep them looking natural and true to life. These presets will add depth and life to your photos, while maintaining the integrity and timelessness of your images.

Preset 01 and 02 both have a slight fade, which gives them a subtle film look. Both will make your whites appear whiter and will remove the yellow tint seen in many images.

Preset 01 Light + Bright: This preset is meant for photos that you want to brighten and liven up. It will make your whites whiter and give your images depth.

Preset 02 Dark + Moody: As moms, we don't always take photos in super bright lighting situations or in front of white walls. This preset is meant for photos that are on the moodier side and it will add depth and emotion to your images. It will deepen the shadows to remove distractions while highlighting your subject.

Installation PDF: Included in the preset pack is an installation PDF to assist you in the installation of your presets. You can also download it here: Installation PDF

Video Tutorial: I've included a video tutorial to show you how to use these presets to their full potential. Although presets are AMAZING tools - they're just that - tools. You will still need to make slight adjustments to each photo to account for the different lighting and setting of each individual photo (i.e. indoor vs. outdoor, full sun vs indoor window light etc.). This video will also show you how to achieve natural skin tones using these presets.


I would LOVE to see your images with these presets! Please use #jessiemartinpresets so I can see your work!


I love ya guys so much and I can't thank you enough for always encouraging & lifting me up! I would ask that you please please please be respectful and do not re-sell or purchase and send these presets to your friends. I have spent hours and hours creating them and to share them would be stealing from my family and I + take away from a way that I serve & support them.

Because of the nature of this product and the fact that it is a digital download and can't be returned, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.